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Plug and Play "Pineapple Cooler" - Exotic Blooms

For the Sunday evening edition of Toker's Guide, I'd like to direct your attention to a vaping apparatus that is immensely popular on the west coast (and other states with recreational cannabis laws). It's called Plug and Play and in the DC market it is carried as an awesome gift from I-71 power player Exotic Blooms.

Well, actually, to be more specific, the device is called "Play" and the cartridge is called "Plug". In this case, the Plug's flavor is Pineapple Cooler. One of the best things about the Play is that not only is it exceptionally lightweight and durable, it also holds a charge for

over 350 puffs. You can kind of equate it with a more luxurious, more robustly engineered Juul battery. I also thought it was pretty cool that the packaging for it opened up like an old school VHS tape, but leery that a significant percentage of my readership may not be familiar with a VCR at all.

The Plug, similar to a more advanced Juul Pod, has even more intriguing packaging. In fact, it's anti-counterfeiting tech is considerably more robust than the STIIIZY I recently reviewed. Note that, at the outset, it has a push button and a no-return, slide out drawer built into the box. However, as an additional layer of security of theirs also has a QR code that links to verification system, Cannverify, and a scratch off area with a unique identifier. With all these protections in place, one has to assume that people must be consistently trying to knock off this product - a good sign of its caliber and quality.

Diving into what you're probably waiting to hear about, the functionality, the puff...does it hit? You know it does. It's immensely tasty and OH SO strong. It's not quite the smoothness that the STIIIZY is regarded for...yet, is that what you want ALL the time? Sure you can tone it down a bit and take smaller, smoother puffs, but with the Plug and Play you can also take a blast that will deliver what you want, at a higher level of intensity, immediately.

In this case what you'll feel after taking a blast of the Pineapple Cooler is a head rush, then headband, then a complete inundation of a Pineapple, Piña Colada-like flavor. It's definitely on the sativa side of things, and it certainly leaves you, as the Plug and Play site claims, happy and uplifted. It's also made from Grade A solvent-free cannabis oil.

If you're looking for a strong-hitting, mouthwateringly delicious, uplifting, vaping experience from a brand that has trust and security baked into their packaging at the highest levels, then I suggest you give Exotic Blooms a shout today!


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