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Purple Driver - Elevated Lounge DC

Back in college when the cannabis situation was a little different, I had a grower buddy who would hit me up randomly, every so often, and simply say, "Cool if I stop by?" When this happened I would pretty much drop anything and everything I was doing because I knew when he arrived he would be bringing some type of fresh, magical harvest with him. This guy was a much older head and he knew how to grow the absolute best of the best. I still don't see weed on that lofty level as often as I'd like to. That said, this Purple Driver from famed DC i-71 storefront, Elevated Lounge, is reminiscent of some of his later, better batches and certainly something you all should check out for yourselves.

Its nose is a mixture of savory/sweet, exotic/mint, and fruity/skunky. If you leave your jar open and walk across a room that it's never been in before you'll smell it remarkably soon afterwards, and the first aroma from it that you will encounter will be a faint hint of fruit. Quickly, though, your mind will realize that it's not just any fruit, and it's at that exact second that the smell changes and starts to exhibit its more skunky hues instead. This is, of course, the same moment that smiles usually overtake peoples' faces as well, knowing that something very special awaits.

Also known as Purple Crash, Purple Driver is a cross of Sundae Driver and Purple Punch that runs slightly indica heavy, somewhere near 60/40. Both of these inputs are highly sought after on their own, but together, with the star-studded lineage they bring, they make for one tremendously exquisite offspring. I do recommend packing this one in your clean, ideally ice chilled, water pipe. You'll want to experience every nook and cranny of this from a clean slate, much as a wine taster cleanses the palate before a new tasting.

The freshness of the batch is also easily apparent, with the trichomes still either utterly hyper-white or fantastically starry. Show her to your friends and don't be surprised to hear someone say something like "look at all of those pretty crystals". Of course, trichomes are not crystals, but they sure can - especially given this current specimen - lead to the same shimmery, twinkly effect emanated by fine crystal or jewelry.

To get your slice of this fantastic Purple Driver hurry, hurry, hurry and either hit up Elevated Lounge or stop on by their spot ASAP. This is a true connoisseur's dream to toke on and I don't want you to miss out!

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