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Purple Runtz - District Firehouse

A more evenly balanced version of Runtz than the Pink Runtz we recently reviewed (which run more indica), these Purple Runtz from DC i-71 delivery aficionados District Firehouse is your true-to-form 50/50 hybrid. A cross of the always delicious Zkittles and the powerful and super purple Gelato #33, this strain packs a delectably potent punch.


While this batch is a little longer cured than we would prefer to have our Runtz, you can tell that the genetics used were of a very high caliber given the coloration and aroma. The beefy structure, trichome coverage, and trim also let us know that she was cared for and cultivated at the highest levels.


The ultimate test, of course, resides with the effects induced by this sample when smoked and vaped. After a few exhales the headiness and rush of the sativa qualities were abundantly clear, but a few minutes later the indica aspects came on full throttle as I was washed over with an immense body buzz and feeling of light and limberness in my extremities. It's not a great bud for focusing on anything pressing or for keeping to a tight schedule. I did feel a bit discombobulated and a similar head state to the effects of the more pure indicas in my nighttime lineup. Nevertheless, the relaxed state and healing aspects for my ailments were much appreciated, especially with little to no signs of couch-lock.


Lately, we've been saving the freshest cut samples for the bong and rolling everything else. Accordingly, we enjoyed this batch most when rolled in a joint and it gave an exotic, connoisseur grade toke that was super smooth, but still provided that enjoyable "choke-up" when pulling too hard.


To try out some of these Purple Runtz for yourself hit up District Firehouse ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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