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Red Runtz - The Gift Givers

This batch of Red Runtz from DC recreational cannabis delivery gurus, The Gift Givers, is so insanely covered in trichomes that our photographer found it challenging to capture the true coloration and contrasts of these buds. After a good amount of frustration he exclaimed, "These buds are just too frosty!" We beg to differ, however, and happen to think that "too frosty" is a term that doesn't really apply to our connoisseur preferences. It's more like "the frostier the better" in our book.❄️


What this means for you, oh Tokerverse, is that these buds are extremely potent and ready to induce hours of heady stoniness. An indica-dominant hybrid cross of Faygo Red Pop - named for the delicious Michigan soda - and Runtz, this Red Runtz carries an exceptionally pronounced head high that can be creativity inducing, but also disorienting. You might think it's energetic at first, but very soon a heavy feeling of calm sets in for the duration of the high.


Most notable about this batch is it's magnificently citrus, fruit-forward aroma and flavor profile. It's much like Tropicanna or Tangie in intensity and even people not partaking may remark about just how fruity it is. Roll it in a joint or hemp wrap to experience the exotic citron-esque aftertaste in its full splendor.


For a phenomenal toke and mesmerizing high that's sure to keep things mellow and cozy all weekend long just hit up The Gift Givers and grab some Red Runtz today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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