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Rookie of the Year - Exotic Blooms

If you're into designer and exotic cannabis and you haven't checked out Exotic Blooms yet...what are you waiting for?!? I mean, looking over the strains I have in my queue to review for them I have to say, DAMN it's hard to not smoke them all before I even get a chance to take their pictures!

Next up from the queue is Indica powerhouse "Rookie of the Year". As with the last strain from Exotic Blooms this one's genetics are also shrouded in mystery. It seems less and less these cultivators are willing to share the ingredients of what they're working with. However, I did have a chance encounter last year in Northern California that comes to mind when the term "rookie of the year" in mentioned in reference to cannabis. This gentleman had explained to me that crossing Zkittles with some local OG Kush was his "rookie of the year" and spent some time showing me why. I must say this strain seems very, very similar in coloration, structure and aroma from what I can remember.

It's worth mentioning that the main reason given by this cultivator was that Zkittles was a new age strain capable of producing more terps and extremely high THC levels of 30%+. However, it was difficult to grow and didn't always make for the best eye candy. So, if you take Zkittles and cross it with a hearty grower and visually appealing strain like OG Kush, you hopefully retain the high THC content and terps, but with higher yield and a new sexy look.

In baseball, a similar kind of thing happens if you think about it. A ball club picks up an athlete with a ton of potential out of college and then sends them to the minor leagues to get bigger, faster, stronger, and more skillful. When the timing is right the kid steps into the majors as a rookie, but vastly improved, thus having a great shot at the "Rookie of the Year" title. Has that happened here, with this batch? Maybe? Who knows?

Either way, whether OZ Kush or not, I'm fairly confident in the presence of Kush in the heredity of this strain. I'm also confident that the THC levels are extremely high. As with most indica's it is very sedative and relaxing, with not a speck of pain left in your body - which has

also become inundated with a calm, warm glow. Like many Kush varietals, however, there is still mental clarity and the couch feels good, but isn't necessarily required.

Her aroma is woodsy, earthy, skunky, and with a hint of grape. She's not dissimilar from a glass of full bodied red wine. In flavor, these same notes come out amidst a wash of exotically delicious spices. The smoke even seems to move differently with this one (and with Kush strains in general) twirling in a more enchanting way, grabbing your attention and helping you drift away towards a trance-like state.

If you need to get some thinking done, want to Netflix and chill, or are feeling some restlessness over the lockdown in DC being extended into June, this might be the perfect strain for you! Head over to Exotic Blooms today and check her out for yourself!


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