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Rozay - Elevated Lounge DC

In a town obsessed with brunch, what could be a more fitting strain name for the mid-morning to afternoon timeframe of a weekend day that Rozay? An indica dominant hybrid of 80/20 ratio, it's smooth and relaxing with a super mellow buzz that leaves you docile to even the most noisy motorcade passing by your table. So for a highly palatable addition to your brunch crew this weekend hit up gourmet gift purveyors Elevated Lounge DC ASAP.


Bred out of a collaboration between famous Miami-based rapper, Rick Ross and Cookies, it's a cross of Lemonchello #10 and Lemon Pound Cake #75 cultivars. In flavor you can totally sense the reason for the nod to the brunchy beverage. It's effervescent, fruity and citrusy, but also somewhat earthy and exotically refined in aftertaste. Much like an excellent fine french Rose at a Parisian restaurant, so too does this have a complex and exquisite mouth of flavor.

The structure and trichome coverage, as you can see, both indicate that this was cultivated at the highest level with strong attention to the finest of details. It has also been very well cared for with the nose completely intact after curing and no signs of advanced aging or trichome degradation.

For aroma, taste, and effects this is a go to for any connoisseur's palate and a blessing to include in after brunch lounge sessions of the DC variety. So after you get your check, why not stretch your legs and head over to Elevated Lounge DC for some Rozay of the herbal variety. Don't for get to tell them Toker's Guide sent you for something extra!

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