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Samoas - District Firehouse

Samoas, named after the world-famous coconut cookie, is an evenly balanced hybrid (50/50) cross between the Forum Cut of Girl Scout Cookies and BX1 phenotype of Face Off OG from DC i-71 service District Firehouse. With its namesake being the all-American dessert (also known as Caramel deLites) sold by young girls outside grocery stores nationwide, there was no doubt this strain would taste heavenly.


Don’t let the connotation of its name fool you, though. Samoas knocks you out with a single punch. The sheer potency is more Muhammed Ali and less Shirley Temple. Just like the cookie, the flavors are rich, chocolate-y and nutty, with the only outlying difference being its minty-ness and earthiness.

Cracking open a nug, you’ll see streaks of purple amidst moss-colored hues and a dense collection of trichomes. With a squeeze, the skunky/savoriness will sucker-punch you in a way that’s only synonymous with Cookies cuts. Judging from its lineage, this is probably due to high levels of caryophyllene.

The buds are dense, chunky and spade-shaped — strikingly dark with deep purple undertones and a coating of clear crystals that only illuminate the lilac hues, appearing almost effervescent and extraterrestrial in the light. The effects are gradual and creeping; the type that makes you want to just keep chiefing. There’s a psychoactive buzz I experienced which crescendos after a good 15 minutes. You’ll get hit between the eyes with a numbing, cerebral high that’ll leave you feeling introspective and hazy, your senses heightened and body sedated, washing over and leaving you immovable. If you’re not careful, it’s easy to overdo it and eat yourself into a food coma too.

With a strain so potent and inebriating, I suggest enjoying this in the evening when all you have to do is the joys of dolce far niente (as the Italians say — sweet doing nothing). I can’t emphasize enough how Samoas “hits different.” This strain truly levels up the already beloved GSC lineage. Hit up District Firehouse today to get some of your own. Don't forget to tell them Tokers' Guide sent you!

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