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Scotti Cake - Cannabear

If you take Gelato 41, cross it with Animal Mintz, and then cross that with Biscotti, the result is this absolutely spectacular Scotti Cake (aka Scotti's Cake) from Cannabear DC. With an uplifting and euphoric feeling that leaves you almost starstruck at first, we'd say this batch is either just slightly indica leaning or near 50/50.


Aside from their gorgeous appearances, the aroma and flavor are the most notable aspects about these buds. They're skunky, gassy, but also very sweet and floral in nose. In flavor the gassy notes shine but there's something exotic and tropical there too.


The light coloration of its greens versus the purple hued tips give it an almost intimidating look. Clearly harvested locally and gifted in jars, the bud structure is entirely intact and it's never seen the inside of a bag.


You can sense the TLC that went into making this such a fine, fine specimen even through the glass on the jar. If you were to display some in your cannabis trophy case (doesn't everyone have a cannabis trophy case?) with accent lighting people might think it was a winning entry from a community floriculture contest. Those not in the know might ask, "Where did you travel to find such an exotic looking flower?" 🧐😂


At the end of your joint or the top of your bowl is another place where true quality can be discerned. If it burns with a hyper-white ash, this is an indicator of the finest natural nutrients and a proper flush. In the bong the ash on this Scotti Cake quickly turned to a ghostly white.


To get some of this powerful and delectable treat hit up DC i-71 delivery service Cannabear DC today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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Tyler Stockdale
Tyler Stockdale
Sep 28, 2023

I concur with the description above, about a 50/50, perhaps indica leaning. (I got the latter also with MAC1, though it too is 50/50).

I've never tried Biscotti, Gelato 41 or Animal Mints yet, but I've tried GSC and Tropicana Cookies which both have a similar pastry kind-of taste and smell.

These genuinely are my favourite day time and fun time kind of smoke. I like the gassy/skunky/pine/earthy stuff mostly, especially at night, however I do love the sweet and spicy flavours this has with a nice sweet creamy and slightly nutty cake/pastry kind of taste. It's hard to place in words but a few more tokes might help. This one for me was a 10/10 quality strain.

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