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Sherbcake & Gary Payton - by Jawi Grown

Strains: Sherbcake, Gary Payton

Cultivator: @Jawigrown2

Market: DC i-71

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

​Lean: Indica Dominant, Balanced

Initial Thoughts

Here are two more cultivars from a recent local harvest by Jawi (@jawigrown2). The nose on both of these is off the charts in intensity and each has the ability to make your mouth water in anticipation from aroma and appearance.



The Sherbcake is dark purple and turquoise with a super frosty layer of starry and hyper-white trichomes. The Gary Payton is similarly trich'd out, but the coloration is mostly lime green with some darker green flecks and fiery orange hairs.


Fresh and just beginning to cure.



The Sherbcake is a mega funky, gassy, and tart scent with some pine notes. The Gary Payton is over the top pungent with a crazy doughy and skunky mix that I think GP fans will be really impressed by.


The Gary is doughy, gassy, and skunky with some sugary notes. The Sherbcake is super gassy with pine and chem notes. Both are out of this world delicious and exotic.



Sherbcake is a crosss of Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties that runs indica dominant. Gary Payton is an evenly balanced hybrid cross of They and Snowman strains.



As you might expect the Gary is the energetic winner of the two, while the Sherbcake is the heavily sedative one. The "Sherb" definitely produced some powerfully stoning sessions and psychedelic experiences with its potency. The "Gary" will keep you talkative, uplifted, and in the "zone" for long durations. One is a great bud for being active so think parties and, perhaps, even some pick-up basketball (gotta make the namesake proud, right?). The other is for after the party when it's time to wind down, or after the game when you're in all out chill mode.


Grab some Gary for the daytime and some Sherbcake for the evening and you can be burning on some of DC's finest all day long. To learn more about Jawi and his awesome local grown craft cannabis you can check them and their beautiful harvest photos on IG @jawigrown2.

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