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Sherbinski Gelato Acai Berry - Exotic Blooms

Having had the good fortune to try some of the famed Sherbinski genetics the last time I was in San Francisco, I was elated when Exotic Blooms handed me this batch of Sherbinksi Gelato Acai Berry. The Sherbinski story is an intriguing one of local focus and an unyielding passion for flower quality that has led them to produce such "world-famous genetics"as Pink Panties, Sunset Sherbert, and Gelato. The Gelato line, which includes Bacio, Mochi, Acai Berry, and Gello, is especially exotic in aroma and flavor with notes of coffee, tropical fruit, and sweet cream - a connoisseur's dream!

This particular batch of Gelato Acai Berry is very obviously and unquestionably the real deal. Its flavors are spectacularly rich and its aroma alone is staggeringly powerful. With its deep hues of purple and green contrasted against vibrant orange hairs and a super smattering of starry trichomes, its appearance is almost intimidating. Have no fear, though, because she's not the type of bud to snatch all your energy and leave you on the couch for hours. In fact,

this one runs sativa-heavy which some might find counterintuitive given the aforementioned dark coloration.

Per usual, you're going to find the most spectacular array of flavors when vaping this batch, but the bong is honestly the most joyful for me. Usually, the flavorful ones are lost a bit on the bong - it doesn't necessarily pass through certain tastes that well. Not with this Gelato! It comes running up the tube and rushes your face with an explosion of its immense flavor and aroma. Then it ties a golden headband around your scalp and gives you the energy levels necessary to entice all kinds of activities.

So on that note, I'm going to pull a tube of the last of this (literally) world-class Gelato Acai Berry, and head out for a long trail run. Hit up the one and only Exotic Blooms today to get yours and maybe I'll see you out there!

PS: Don't forget promo code "Toker's Guide Sent Me" for $10 off.


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