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Sour Gummies - DMV Organics

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Hey Tokers, let’s make our dentists work for their money! We all know that candy rules, and sugar is delicious. If I’m not careful, I’ll eat candy til my tongue is blistered and I’ve entered into some sugar induced quasi-masochistic hallucinatory state. So, when DC local i71 compliant provider DMV Organics gifted me these sour gummy bears and sour gummy worms, I tried to play it cool.

I was pretending like everything was alright, but the ravenous candy beast that lurks within me was howling into the air, demanding sugary goodness! Who am I to deny my baser impulses? As a lifelong lover of Sour Patch Kids and anything tart or sour, I was beyond excited to take these gummies for a test drive. Blood sugar levels be damned!

Most Tokers know that the experience you get from eating edibles can be very different from inhaling cannabis. Eating cannabis edibles yields a longer-lasting high and often gives a more intense, full-body, potentially psychoactive effect. I’m not a doctor, so I encourage you to experiment responsibly.

Eating cannabis products may affect you differently than what you’re used to from inhalation, so be careful, especially if you’re thinking about venturing out into the world and moving about by some form of locomotion (Editor’s Note: TG never advocates driving under the influence. Rule of thumb: if you’re going to get high, just don’t drive!) An individual’s age, body weight, and metabolic rate, as well as what they’ve eaten or drank throughout the day can all factor into a Toker’s edible adventure!

Some Tokers report feeling a high from a dose as low as 3mgs of THC, yet there are edibles available at literally hundreds of times that dosage. A wise Toker once told me, “you can always eat more, but you can’t un-eat it!” So, try a wee bit and wait an hour and see how you feel!

The Sour Gummies come in two different formats and dosages. Sour Gummy Bears are 15mgs per Bear, and the Sour Gummy Worms are 75mgs per Worm. I’m a man of science, dear Tokers, and I’m here for you!

I tried each gummy from a maddeningly sober baseline so that I could accurately tell you what to expect. I’ve learned that 50mgs is my line in the sand, if you will; I can consume anything up to 50mgs and be fine. Anything beyond 50mgs, and I’m gonna be pretty lit - you DEF won’t see me operating heavy machinery (bikes, scooters, Power Wheels included).

I really enjoyed the Sour Gummy Bears! At 15mgs of THC per bear and five bears per package, I found that I could comfortably micro-dose and really exert some control over my experience. I love low-dose edibles because they allow the Toker to kind of play around and get a feel for tolerance and dosing. Eating two Sour Bears at once had me feeling fantastic within the hour, but not incapacitated.

The Sour Gummy Worms are for real. At 75 msg per worm with three worms per package, these Worms came to work! Have you ever sung ridiculous songs to your dog? That’s how high I was. I sang my dog’s life story to my dog, and he seemed to enjoy it! I know I had a blast at least.

DMV Organics sour gummy worms

Since both of the Sour Gummies are made with local high-quality organic distillate, there’s virtually no cannabis flavor whatsoever. These gummies are so tasty, they’re dangerous! My love of sour candy was almost my undoing, as I just wanted to eat all of them immediately. Organic and free of high fructose corn syrup and gluten, DMV Organics is able to accommodate dietary restrictions and requirements based on order volumes, so if you’re looking for something specific don’t hesitate to reach out!

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