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Strawnana - Exotic Blooms

I've said previously in my review of a recent batch of Papaya that it's rare you get a strain that smells better than the fruit for which it is named. Well, turns out that maybe it's not so rare because this batch of Strawnana from Exotic Blooms has an insanely fruity bouquet that is a spot-on amalgamation of strawberry and banana aromas. Honestly, it smells better than my wife's strawberry banana smoothies!

Strawnana strain from DC I-71 Exotic Blooms
Strawnana strain from DC I-71 Exotic Blooms

You may have had your share of varietals that claim to be of "banana" essence. Banana OG, for example, is fairly common and usually pretty good, however, I don't think i've ever smoked/vaped it and said "Wow, that really tastes like banana". That's certainly not the case with this Strawnana - a cross of the classic Banana Kush and Strawberry Bubblegum. It absolutely has not just the aroma of banana (and strawberry), but also the flavor.

Strawnana strain from Exotic Blooms side view

Aside from the phenomenally exotic aroma and flavor, I also found the cerebral nature of this flower's buzz to be quite remarkable. Usually with heavy indicas like this one (70/30) your mind begins to wander in a bit of a sporadic fashion. Let's face it, mental clarity, while frequently enhanced with sativas, is not the forte of indicas. Yet, what I noticed with this specimen is that even though my body was supremely relaxed, my mind was acute and, perhaps, even heightened. There was certainly a heady sense of creativity across my active mind - which is always helpful for writing 😉 .

Visually this batch can be identified as very fresh - the trichomes are all still insanely starry and have been gradually fading to bright white. It's also quite dense and ridiculously sticky. It's obvious that it was extremely well cultivated when you consider the symmetrical structure, overtly large calyxes, and the sheer size of the trichome clusters (as seen in the macro photo below).

Strawnana strain from Exotic Blooms macro image
Strawnana strain from Exotic Blooms macro image

Overall, I would encourage you to select this weed if you are looking for a stupendously exotic flavor experience, a mellow but active-minded buzz, or a super strong indica that won't leave you couch-locked. Hit up Exotic Blooms today to give this connoisseur-worthy batch of Strawnana a try for yourself!


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