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Sugar Mama - Athena's Gifts

A hybrid cross of now famous Blueberry and 1989 Cannabis Cup winner, Big Bud, this batch of Sugar Mama from DC recreational delivery service Athena's Gifts is one I was delighted to try recently. Regularly testing in the 20% range, its broad spectrum of minor cannabinoids provide a unique, mellow buzz and exotically sweet aroma.


It's sugary sweet in flavor too, as you might expect, and there are hints of cinnamon and coriander as well with an earthy finish. To me the indica presence shines through despite the reported balanced, 50/50 effects elsewhere online. But, that's totally all good by me - I was in the mood for something a bit more on the relaxing, sedative side for this upcoming weekend.


The finished grind of this flower was green and smooth-textured with delicious, frosty trichomes covering everything. Moments later I had a nice Bob of a joint ready to spark and I remarked at both how easy it was to work with and how sweet and sugary the aroma from the finished product was.


After sparking it up and taking a strong nasal inhalation I was immediately taken back to some of the early days of my cannabis experiences. Perhaps this was my mind attempting to connect past Big Bud and/or Blueberry encounters from my memory vault? In any case, I really liked this flower's energy and the nature of its classic stoney buzz was nostalgic for me.

So hit up Athena's Gifts asap to get your hands on some of this Sugar Mama for yourself and prepare to have a mega relaxing weekend. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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