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Super Lemon Cherry - Cannabear

At Toker's Guide it's our mission to keep you informed of the best, and only the best, cannabis gifts and products from all around Washington DC. Therefore, when we saw the word "Super" in front of "Lemon Cherry" on DC recreational (i-71) delivery service Cannabear's menu recently we felt immediately obligated to inspect. Would this be worthy of "Super" in the name? Does Superman wear a red cape?


There were already some questions regarding the lineage of the standard Lemon Cherry Gelato (LCG) strain, but with the addition of the "Super" aspect it's now even more shrouded in mystery. What we're fairly confident of is that Sunset Sherbet and Girl Scout Cookies, which typically combine with a third unknown strain to make LCG, are somewhere in the family tree.


This batch has an aroma that is very sugary and bready with a sour lemon essence, as well. If that doesn't sound like it could possibly be appealing to you in a flower then I encourage you to try it, before you knock it. With eyes closed, It definitely reminds me of lemon poppy seed muffins, but perhaps the whole grain version you might find at a natural food store.


Though the aroma and buzz are deliciously intoxicating, with both being long in duration, what I like most about burning down on this strain is the aftertaste upon exhale. There's a gush of cake, cherries, lemons, and pine nuts that pairs fantastically with the ensuing head rush. This flavor is so powerful it has a tendency to stay with you as you go about your day - and note that you'll be able to with creative mental energy and a relaxed, but not drowsy, physical state.

So hit up DC delivery service Cannabear ASAP and grab some of this Super "Duper" Lemon Cherry for yourself. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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