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Sweet Tartz & Lemon Cherry Gelato - Joint Delivery

Toker Alert! There's some serious fire over at Joint Delivery right now in the form of these two Cannatique cuts and I just had to let you know about it with the quickness. They are Lemon Cherry Gelato and Sweet Tartz - read on if you want, but if you're looking to catch a buzz worthy of the most esteemed connoisseurs you can just go ahead and order up!

Founded by Oakland, CA's Rebecca Kirk and her father back in 2011, Cannatique Farms is a renowned, designer-only cultivator who has gained many accolades for their phenomenal cultivars. These include Blueberry Cruffin and, as legend has it, the true Runtz of Cookies' owner Berner himself. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that these two packs are of the very highest quality.

In fact, upon first gaze of this LC Gelato (pictured above and below), I immediately called for my magnifying glass:

"Watson, bring me my magnifying glass these trichomes look like they're about to go into orbit!"

My husband came running from the other room, lens in hand.

"Are they really that big?" He asked with the enthusiasm of a first time Amsterdam tourist.

Of course, as you can see above, they were. It's always wild to me when you can see oversized, bulbous topped trich's, and there's no better example I can think of in recent memory than the ones at hand.

The "Sweet Tartz" (pictured below) was also making both of us giddy upon cracking open the pack. It was definitely some eye candy in its own right, but this one's smell was just shockingly similar to the eponymous candy. In flavor, this effervescent tartly sweet fruit smell transitioned into something more like black cherry - hence the cherries on the pack - which I was also very into.

The major contrasts between these two, in my opinion, are the following:

Aroma/Flavor - The Sweet Tartz is sweet and fruity while the LC Gelato is actually more creamy and earthy with just a tinge of citrus. I love the Gelato flavor in general, and the Lemon Cherry variety just increases the deliciousness for me, but the Sweet Tartz wins this category. It really is a very tasty specimen and likely very high on the terpene chart as well, so I had to give it the win in the aroma and flavor category.

Trichomes - The LC Gelato has some of the most epic resin glands imaginable from a size perspective. They are bulbous on top with a narrow stem like a mushroom. The trich's on the Sweet Tartz, however, are more spiky and lack the bulbous top. This is not a bad thing, but it means that one is just that much more potent.

which brings us to...

Effects - The LC Gelato is the clear winner in this department. When it comes to potency and the euphoric feels it brings to the table there are simply none better. The Sweet Tartz is right behind it for me on potency, but does have the added benefit of being a 50/50 hybrid versus the slightly drowsy and indica-heavy (60/40) LC Gelato.

Overall, if you put flavor ahead of effects then the Sweet Tartz (above) may have the edge for your palate. However, if you want to experience heights of heights not often available from a quality and potency perspective, go with the Lemon Cherry Gelato - it's utterly incredible in terms of it's indica power.

Either way, give Joint Delivery a shout ASAP to get some for yourselves! Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you and check out our new Deals page for exclusive discounts!

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