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Tangie Wreck - Top Secret DC

I'm SO stoked to welcome Top Secret DC to the Toker's Guide! They've got a really cool concept where you can buy an interesting secret about DC and get a free cannabis gift. The bigger the secret, the bigger the gift!

Well, let it be no secret that these guys have some phenomenal buds to behold...and they must have done their homework because this Tangie Wreck is a haze lover's dream (huge haze lover here).

A cross of two terpene powerhouses, the infamous Trainwreck and Tangie, she's just a touch on the sativa side, but comes with all the amazing citrusy haziness you can handle. Seriously, the aroma and flavor profiles on this batch are just incredible. When smoking, what starts as quite sugary and cookie-like ends with exotically tropical fruitiness.

In the structure, the buds are a bit wispy, but this is the nature of tangie. What she lacks in stature she more than makes up for in content. The cure is perfect - utterly, utterly, perfect. I think there are trichomes growing on top of trichomes on top of trichomes.

The effects are very energetic and uplifting at first,

but then settle into a mellower buzz. The euphoria

and joyful sense remain for a lengthy time, however.

You might find yourself lost in a daydream while

floating around town, and be completely ok with it.

Overall, this Tangie Wreck is a glorious treat and gave

me the energy and creativity I needed to finish my day and roll into my night with a nice mellow vibe. Head on over to Top Secret DC asap to get some of this lovely lady for yourself. The best part is, you don't need to be James Bond or work at a three letter acronym to get access - just shoot 'em a text!


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