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Tokyo Snow - YANA Wellness

Strain: Tokyo Snow

Service: YANA Wellness

Service Type: DC i-71 Storefront

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Lean: Balanced 50/50

Initial Thoughts

They say the mountains of Japan have some of the most beautiful snow on Earth. While this Tokyo Snow from DC i-71 marijuana dispensary, YANA Wellness, doesn't really have much to do with Japan (weed is still highly illegal there) it does have some very pretty white trichomes in layers that make it look reminiscent of a fresh snow fall. ❄️🗼



Dense light green nugs with blue-ish highlights, red pistils, and a strong layer of white trichomes.


Starting to cure.


Earthy, peppery, and slightly creamy.



A smooth, creamy, and slightly peppery taste on the inhale with floral, earthy notes on the exhale.


The Tokyo Snow strain is a cross of Hibachi Supreme and The Menthol that runs balanced at close to 50/50 on the indica/sativa spectrum.


This is a hybrid that captures both the clear-headed aspects typically reserved for sativas and the highly relaxing, calming vibes of a solid indica. It's quite versatile and the stoney buzz will satisfy without leaving you couch-locked. Best for afternoon and evening use.



Great for rolling up in joints given the smooth nature of the toke, this Tokyo Snow is one to keep in mind as you look to kick off a weekend of relaxation and rejuvenation while not wanting to go comatose. To check out this unique and exotic hybrid for yourself just head to YANA Wellness today and be sure to mention that Toker’s Guide sent you!

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