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Tropical Gelato - Smoke Jumpers

Strain: Tropical Gelato

Service: Smoke Jumpers

Service Type: DC i-71 Dispensary

Overall Rating: 8.9/10

Lean: Balanced 50/50

Initial Thoughts

Prepare for a flavor-packed adventure with Tropical Gelato, the latest offering from DC i-71 marijuana dispensary, Smoke Jumpers. True to its name, this hybrid boasts a delightful fusion of fruity aromas and smooth vanilla undertones, promising a delectable experience from the very first toke. With buds that grind effortlessly and roll smoothly, Tropical Gelato invites you on a joyride of euphoria and relaxation. 🌴🌺🥥



A blend of light and dark forest greens with orange pistils and lots of frosty trichomes.


Fresh, but starting to cure.



A smooth vanilla and sweet fruity blend.


Sweet tropical fruit and sour candy make for a delicious toke.



The Tropical Gelato strain is a cross of Pineapple and Gelato that runs balanced at 50/50 on the indica/sativa spectrum.


The onset was a floaty head buzz that seemed to tingle my brain - especially right behind the eyes. This leads into a soothing, mellow, and easygoing energy that finds content in anything from walking to relaxing on the couch. A soft, but stimulating body high takes the tension away without a tired, lethargic feeling. This batch is ideal for enjoying anytime you have a break in your day and can help you take a vacation from life for a while.



Tropical Gelato lifts off with a strong spacey buzz that glides into a wonderfully mellow, yet happy high. The fresh buds deliver a pungent, sweet aroma and this personality of fruit-forward smoothness continues into the unique flavor profile. You'll want to set aside some time to embark on a tropical staycation with this exquisite flower. Book your experience today by heading to Smoke Jumpers in DC and don’t forget to mention that Tokers Guide sent you!

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