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Tropicana Cherries - Elevated Lounge DC

Happy Friday everyone! Just in time for the famed Cherry Blossoms here in DC, i-71 storefront Elevated Lounge is rolling out this batch of Tropicana Cherries. Incidentally, I'm planning to take a tour with them soon and I think these "Cherries" are something that would pair excellently with an Elevated Tour of the District in the springtime. It's got a mellow physical vibe even though it runs slightly on the sativa side at something like 60/40. But, expect an active mind ready to take in all the beautiful monuments and memorials set amidst the pink flora. I can't wait - more on this soon! 🤗


A cross of Tropicana Cookies (one of our favs) and Cherry Cookies the aroma is, as you might expect, fruity. Yet, the surprising part for me was the creaminess. Usually Tropicana and Mimosa crosses end up being shockingly citrus forward. This is equal parts creamy and fruity in both aroma and flavor.


The hyper-white trichomes let you know that she's still fresh and been properly stored. She's also easy to grind and really, really great when rolled in a joint or blunt. We meant to ask if they're going to have this variety available in the Cannahiba "Cannons". After experiencing the smoothness of the smoke when rolled we're psyched for the Cannon thing to happen if it hasn't already. Maybe I'll just roll a cannon of my own in the meantime.


So, head on over to Elevated Lounge DC today and grab some of these delectable and delightful Tropicana Cherries for your weekend sessions. Hopefully when you're navigating your way to and from their Glover Park location you'll have a chance to see many cherry blossoms still blooming! Here's a webcam link to see them live:

Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you and have a great weekend!

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