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Twix - Monko

Strain: Twix

​Service: Monko

Market: DC i-71 Storefront

Overall Rating: 8.4/10

​Lean: Indica Dominant

Do you remember pop-ups? Or your first-time walking into an I-71 storefront? I do not think we appreciate them enough.

My friends and I used to drive around looking for bud hoping that one of our go-to street plugs would respond to our texts. Even IF they responded, many times they didn't know what they were giving us; they'd make up a name or simply call it "G".

Once I started using I-71 services it felt like I was introduced to a new era of cannabis. As a Toker, I was satisfied in every way, prices were great and the convenience felt surreal. Admittedly, I became bougie. I started looking for more when it came to my flower. Better taste, bigger buds, and real THC numbers. It felt like medical cannabis would be my best and only option in that regard. Having THC testing and exploring terpenes can be fantastic, but many of us have realized that sometimes even the highest-testing medical flower is not always the most effective. It can even be a cash grab in more corporate markets.

I needed something different. Something that would leave me feeling like a kid in a candy store again. To find it, I threw myself back into I-71's. While browsing around at Monko DC, I was able to find exactly what I was looking for. What an experience!


Even as picky as I am, it took no time for them to recommend Twix. This was something I'd never seen in flower, but I knew at first sight it would be an excellent choice. I was amazed by how beautiful this bud was and what I originally thought were purple hints are actually dark chocolate-colored tones surrounded by an abundance of trichomes.

I love strains that deliver a unique smoking experience and flavor such as Twix. I kept my nose in the jar for quite some time, as the smell it gave off was pungent and musky, but carried an undeniable sweetness that made my taste buds cheer with excitement. Twix tastes sweet on the inhale with a subtle gassy chocolate hit on the exhale; very similar to how it smells.


Twix was dense but not brittle and would stick to my grinder easily. It was smooth down to the tip and never harsh. The burn was slow and clean, so much so that I enjoyed watching the white ash fall as I pulled. I couldn't help but pop it in my Volcano vaporizer as well and my goodness, Twix was one of the most delectable strains I have ever had.

Anxiety becomes a non-factor whenever smoking Twix; it feels so heavy on my eyelids that I cannot help but smile from the euphoria. All my stress is completely eradicated, and I feel like my feet are wrapped in dense clouds. Twix carries an incredible amount of potency. Even though it was the last strain in my rotation, it was longer lasting, and harder hitting than anything else I had. Throughout the session, I stared at my joint multiple times and grinned from ear to ear.


This is a prime example of why THC should not be all you are looking for in regard to efficacy. I do not know what the official testing for Twix is, but its effects are so incredible that I would easily put it with some of the best and highest potency strains in the medical and recreational markets. Take a trip over to Monko and experience Twix for yourself today. They have a stellar lineup, and you are definitely in for a treat!

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