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Viper - Heady Club DC

Seeking a sativa with some serious "bite" to keep you energized and feeling euphoric? Look no further than this batch of Viper from DC recreational delivery service, Heady Club DC. At something like 95% sativa-heavy this one has all the "venom" you need, and then some. 🐍


A cross of two landrace strains, Burmese and Mexican Blackseed, sativa lovers will know why they bred this one the way they did. The flavor is spicy and sweet with a citrusy lime essence. It's sort of like a spicy jalapeno margarita when you "drink" her out of the bong (this is a metaphor - we do not advocate drinking bong water).

Roll her up in a joint, however, and the exotic flavor I just mentioned lends itself to a terrifically rich and exotic smoke. I instantly felt vacation-like tropical vibes coursing through my body along with energy enough to dance and nearly no inhibitions as well.


Yes, this Viper "bites" in a very good way across all metrics: aroma, flavor, and effects. We never recommend doing this with real snakes, but if you take a closer look you'll notice that the trichome coverage is thorough and fresh. This, along with the purple hues and intensely red hairs, indicate the quality of this specimen's lineage and cultivator. You may also heed it as a warning of her potency much like the markings of a venomous snake in the wild.


To encounter the elusive, powerful, and delectable Viper strain for yourself just hit up Heady Club DC ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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