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Our mission is to continuously impress our clients with top shelf cannabis gifts in a safe and inviting setting. 

Buy a little known secret about Washington, D.C. and receive a FREE gift. The bigger the secret, the better the gift!

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Joint Delivery is a customer service focused business that prides ourselves on delivering an exceptional experience for our clientele. we believe in reaching for the stars and living a life full of adventure.


It is our mission to deliver experiences that inspire expansion of the mind, connection with the community, and overall well being of every person we touch.

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Puff Puff DC shares the finest flower, cleanest marijuana concentrates, and the most potent edibles with their growing list of friends in DC. 

They are DC Initiative 71 compliant and say that their concentrates are lab tested.

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Expand your palette and elevate your life! Exotic Blooms prides themselves on providing a home for top-tier cannabis brands in Washington DC.

Visit their menu now, and get a taste of luxury and the 202's BEST!!

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Baked DC is an Initiative 71 compliant marijuana gifting service conveniently located in the Downtown and Dupont Circle areas.

Baked DC offers a small but carefully curated selection of the best available flower, popular edibles, cartridges, and concentrates.

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Green Label prides itself in providing only the highest quality products. 

They are Initiative 71 compliant and purvey grinders while gifting some of the finest DC grown cannabis around.

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LOCAL’d is lending a helping hand to the companies that strengthen the the Washington, DC community through financial and promotional support. 


Buy a local product, get a free (awesome) gift delivered to you in the District.

Help Local'd help local, community businesses!

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DC TeaPad is quite possibly "the original delivery service in Washington D.C." as they claim. We remember them from the beginning and appreciate their customer service.


They offer a selection of high quality photographs that come with free cannabis  gifts.

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Meet ups (or "pickups") is the main service offered by Diamond City.


They are an I-71 compliant business that sells stickers and vintage baseball cards.

Their pick-up location is always in NW, usually in the Adams Morgan or Dupont Circle area.

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Green Kings aims to purvey only the finest cannabis photos and I-71 compliant gifts in DC. They offer both pick-up service and delivery.


We appreciate their dedication to quality and have thoroughly enjoyed their selection of exotic flower and concentrate gifts since inception. 

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