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Bubblegum Cherries - Lucky Chuckie

This Bubblegum Cherries from DC recreational delivery service Lucky Chuckie is refined and connoisseur-like in every way and has bag appeal for days. It's noted as a balanced hybrid, but there was a little bit more energetic nature to the buzz than what "balanced" means to me. In fact, you might even say it made me a little...bubbly. 🫧


While the lineage is shrouded in mystery, the Toker's Guide team is now betting it's Lemon Cherry Gelato crossed with old school Bubblegum. Both of these strains are highly fragrant and fruity in their flavor profiles and it's easy to see how the combo would result in an exotic spin on already delicious (and obvious) Gelato underpinnings.

This fine example of premium flower was clearly grown and harvested at its peak of perfection. No skimping was done on the dry and cure process either and the buds were soft and supple to break up with beautiful white trichomes everywhere.

In effects, this one is ultra-potent and I found it to be a wonderfully uplifting experience that seemed to go on for hours. When an old friend called I was eager, positive, and able to re-connect with them in a way that was seemingly warmer and more jolly that it might have been otherwise - a testament to the social aspects of the strain's high. What an amazing moment to have been accentuated (on my end) by this wonderful herb which I now hold in very high regard within my rolodex of great weed moments.


So, to brighten your day and positively infuse your mood grab a bag of this delectable designer herb for yourself from Lucky Chuckie. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!


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