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Toker  DEALS 

Check out the deals and promo codes below. Redeem them by mentioning or including the promo code when you place an order with the corresponding vendor. 

Featured Deals

Featured Deals
Toker's Guide Vendor Square Displays (9)_edited.jpg

15% OFF w/ MOTA Gifts

Top Level DC

w/ Promo Code: "TokersGuide"

$15 OFF

Flower Ave

w/ Promo Code: "TokersGuide"


$10 OFF at Checkout

The Basement

w/ Promo Code: "TokersGuide"

Toker's Guide Vendor Square Displays (2)_edited.jpg

5% OFF + Bonus Gift


When you mention "Tokers Guide"

"Bonus Bag"

Elevated Lounge

When you mention "TokersGuide"

15% OFF

DC Dash

With Promo Code: "TOKERS"

Toker's Guide Vendor Square Displays (16)_edited.jpg

Full Gram Cart Dicounts!

Exotic Organics

w/ Promo Code: "TokersGuide"

$10 OFF at Checkout

The Garden

w/ Promo Code: "TOKERSGUIDE"

2 Bonus Gifts

The Gift Givers

On $100+ orders w/ code: "TokersGuide"

10% OFF


When you mention "Tokers"


15% OFF

Euphoria DC

With Promo Code: "TOKERSGUIDE"

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