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We're keeping DC Cannabis connoisseurs in the know with info, pics, and reviews on I-71 gifts and the services that make them possible. See Frequently Asked Questions and Answers below:


Is Weed Legal In DC?

Yes, recreational marijuana is legal in DC and anyone over 21 years of age may possess up to 2 ounces of cannabis. DC residency is not required. Smoking in public is illegal and punishable by a fine of $25. You are allowed to smoke in the privacy of your own home or yard. You cannot buy weed. Marijuana cannot be sold in DC, but up to 1 ounce can be given as a gift. DC Initiative-71 compliant services allow you to purchase an item and receive a cannabis gift. Weed delivery, weed pick-ups, and weed in general are not allowed on Federal land which includes national parks, federal buildings, and federally-subsidized housing. Also note, I-71 weed is NOT legal in Virginia. And one last time for all the kiddies out there who should NOT be on our site: NO one under the age of 21 is permitted to use or possess cannabis based on DC Initiative 71. 

How to Find Weed in DC?

Want to know how to get weed in DC? Use our "Weed Services" page to find DC I-71 services along with their contact information, links to their menu's, and our reviews of their recent gifts. These services will sell you items like cookies, rare stickers, collectible pins, photos, legal vouchers, t-shirts, fancy drinks, etc. and then gift you cannabis with your purchase. If you want some time to inspect and select your gift, you probably want to use the pick-up option. If you know what you want from the online menu, you can select the delivery option. All services on our site are labelled as either pick-up, delivery, or both. Please go their sites or contact them for additional instructions. 

What are My Other Options?

There are apps, online directories, instagram, and pop-ups that all offer the ability to connect you with DC I-71 services and their gifts. We caution against going through services or individuals who are not associated with services on our site. Posts on apps are typically not verified, instagram is full of fraud, and pop-ups can be dangerous (see news articles). We recommend going through tried and reviewed services such as the ones listed on our Weed Services page.

What About Gentleman Toker?

We are not affiliated with Gentleman Toker or Joe Tierney. We feel that, while he ran a very helpful DC Cannabis review site for a while, he ultimately turned his back on an industry, said some hurtful things to people, and left at a time when reviews were more important than ever. Since his exit, there are some who have, apparently, stolen troves of his copyrighted material and republished it as if they were carrying on his mission. We would never steal anything from anyone and purvey only original reviews and content on our site. 

What is Toker's Guide?

We review Washington DC Initiative 71 compliant weed services. We meet with them, get a gift, look at it, smell it, vape it, smoke it, and then write a review about it. Our goal is to keep DC cannabis fans informed about the latest and greatest cannabis gifts and services. WE DO NOT SELL OR GIFT CANNABIS. WE ARE ONLY A REVIEW SITE :)


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If you'd like to submit your own review or get involved, please feel free to contact us.

***Our site is for Adults ONLY. No one under the age of 21 is permitted***

How Do I-71 Pick-up Services Work?

Pick-up services typically post up in a hotel or AirBnB. Most try to re-create the dispensary experience in a safe, luxurious environment. We've found the ones on our weed services page to be very knowledgeable about their gifts. These types of services will also give you some time to shop and check out their various gift options. Usually, they will ask that you provide some form of ID and a selfie before scheduling an appointment. Appointments are often same day and within a few hours depending on how busy things are. Instructions vary for different services, so be sure to check with them when you order. As we mentioned above, they will have products that you can buy and then the cannabis comes as a free gift.

What is Cannabis Tourism?

Marijuana Tourism, Cannabis Tourism, Canna-tourism...whatever you want to call it, a lot of people are doing it, especially in our nation's capital. But, what exactly is Cannabis Tourism? We like to think that it's traveling for the sole purpose of exploring a local area's cannabis products and services (or gifts in the case of DC). However, it's not just for the single purpose travelers anymore. More and more people are now traveling for any number of reasons and expecting cannabis options to be available to them wherever they land. We welcome cannabis tourism and welcome all cannabis friendly visitors to our site. Please feel free to reach out with any DC cannabis questions!

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