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The  BEST  Marijuana Dispensaries in Baltimore

Check out our recent reviews and recommended Baltimore marijuana dispensaries below. Simply select a shop's listing and click to learn more. Note that you no longer need a medical cannabis license to visit these dispensaries because, as of July 1st 2023, Maryland has legalized adult-use recreational marijuana for everyone 21 years of age and older, including non-residents. 

Featured Reviews

Featured Reviews

Fav Brands

Favorite Brands

Here are some of our favorite Baltimore marijuana brands and cultivators to check out in dispensaries across the metro area. Click an image or company name to learn more and see their reviews!

Fav Dispos

Favorite Baltimore Dispensaries

Here's a list of our favorite marijuana dispensaries to visit in the Baltimore Area of Maryland. This includes Baltimore City/County, Howard Co., Anne Arundel Co., etc. Click an image or company name to learn more.

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