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Washington DC's Top Five THC Vape Cartridges - 2023 Edition

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

If you're into vaping THC we've got you covered with the following report on the best cartridge options currently available in Washington DC. From from 510 threaded to disposables and even an innovative new system, check out what some of our favorite shops have to offer.


5. Super Lemon Haze Cartridge - The Green Room

Personally, Super Lemon Haze is one of my favorite strains of all time. So, when I saw the cartridge version come across my desk from DC i-71 storefront dispensary, The Green Room, well, let's just say I got pretty psyched.


Then when i hit it, I got even more psyched and, with my new found energetic and creative mindset, I put on some funky electronic music and started getting down in my office. That's right people this one packs an uplifting, heady high that is pretty damn close to the flower itself.


The flavor, clearly made from reintroduced terpenes of the original strain, was impeccable and not too sugary or overpowering. Of course, this is still a distillate cart, so you may not get quite the effects that you get from a rosin or live resin cart, but the terpenes are still abundantly beneficial.


Head to The Green Room today to catch some of these awesome Super Lemon Haze carts for your own stash.

4. Blue Dream Live Resin Cart - Elevated Lounge

The effects of Blue Dream are always a daytime delight for me. There's a lot of hazy cerebral bliss and a touch of energy, but an immense amount of focus - at least when I've had versions of the flower in the past. This Blue Dream live resin cartridge from DC i-71 storefront dispensary, Elevated Lounge, captures the essence of those experiences and instantly provides it in escalating amounts with each puff.


The flavor is fresh, but not too sweet or too fruity like you find with poor quality "Blue Dream" carts. It's just a touch of the right amount of fruitiness and a lot of piney hash-like notes - a testament to the immense potency. Note that they do hit quite hard. In fact, this might be the most powerful of the bunch. Beginners beware! These are not for the newbs.


To grab a Blue Dream Live Resin Cart for yourself just head to one of two Elevated Lounge locations in the District and they'll be happy to show you the way!


3. Turn - Lemonade Stand - Monko

This next cartridge is really more of a system - and what a system it is! At first glance it resembles an earbuds case - and this is intentional. Just imagine the ease of travel and the convenience of charging your vape. It's called Turn, it's both gorgeous and delicious at the same time, and it's currently available at DC i-71 storefront, Monko.


Along with it I received a custom cartridge from the same brand (Turn) with the flavor Lemonade Stand, a sativa dominant hybrid. The packaging said it was great for "goal-crushing" and after several hits I'm definitely feeling energetic and ready to crush so many goals I must be a soccer player. 😂🤦‍♂️


There's a tingling sense as the uplifting body buzz comes rolling in. Then a sense of hazy disorientation precedes the creativity inspiring cerebral high. It's clean, crisp, and so motivating I took it on a run with me - also a very enjoyable experience - where it was extremely easy to carry/conceal.

Overall, what I like best about this cart is the flavor. Each puff is like taking a bite of a lemon meringue cookie, but in a natural, cannabis-oriented way. It's super mouthwatering and makes me want to keep hitting it again and again, but doesn't over do it on the palate and there's nothing syrupy about it either. No, it's just right in the flavor department for me!

To pick up the whole Turn system, or the just the individual pods in various strains, just head down to Monko today.

2. Candyland Live Resin Disposable Cart - DC MOTA

If you've been following Toker's Guide for a minute then you probably already know that I'm a pretty big fan of DC MOTA's live resin disposables. They've all got such awesome flavor, but this Candyland in particular is one that I keep going back to.


It's sugary sweet, but not in an unnatural or overpowering way - much more mouthwatering and deliciously session-able, kind of like a juicy West Coast IPA. The device also hits really smooth and I can breath with it versus having to suck with my lips and mouth. This makes for longer, smoother hits and the result is a head rush of an onset that's just awesome.


Being a sativa dominant hybrid, the effects are uplifting and energetic, but also tremendously euphoric at higher doses. To try it out for yourself just head to one of the many DC storefronts that now carry DC MOTA products.


1. Wedding Cake CO2 Cart - by Jawi

With a simple, yet reliable design, ceramic mouth piece, and ceramic internals, this Wedding Cake CO2 Cart from DC small batch i-71 cannabis cultivator Jawi is one that I haven't had any jamming issues with. It hits perfectly every time and the consistency is on-point as well.


Why I really love it, however, is due to the surprisingly spot-on flavor. Usually, in my experience, CO2 cartridges have kind of a funny, almost bitter flavor to them. This is definitely not the case here, as the flavor comes through with gusto and lets you know it is made from exquisite flower, for sure. This is likely due to the re-introduction of terpenes and cannabinoids extracted from the original plant before the CO2 extraction, allowing for the phenomenal flavor at hand.


In terms, of effects, those with low tolerance should look to take it easy and "dip their toes" in the water, so to speak. These carts pack a real punch at this potency level and the full spectrum approach can send entourage effects in waves that are reminiscent of dabbing rosin. Overall, the buzz is energetic, heady, and with uplifting vibes along with a hearty body buzz that seems to resonate around the head and back.

Great as an any time option due to its versatile nature, but also with enough power for those needing more intense effects, these Wedding Cake CO2 carts from Jawi are currently my favorite carts around. Just hit up Jawi to find out how you can get your hands on them today.

As always, when you pick up one of the products we've reviewed don't forget to let them know that you heard about it here on Toker's Guide. Happy toking everyone!

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