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Exploring the Heart of Chesacanna Marijuana Dispensary: A Q&A Session

In the bustling town of Cockeysville, Maryland, amidst the rolling hills and vibrant community spirit lies Chesacanna - a cannabis dispensary that is quickly becoming a local treasure. After hearing them mentioned more and more in my travels across Maryland, I decided I needed to stop by and learn more about them first hand. Even in reaching out to schedule a tour and meet with their leadership it was immediately clear that they were warm and welcoming in nature and happy to share their story with me.

As I first stepped in the door I said to myself, "This operation has heart." It was a warm and cozy environment where I felt a peaceful calmness wash over me. There was even a fish tank in the waiting area - I always find them cheerful and relaxing. From the information on hand and displayed around the space I could also tell that their approach was rooted in the education and wellness of their patients and customers. One that was highly customer-centric you might say.


Visual aesthetics aside, in order to gain deeper insight into their mission, values, and impact, I was excited to connect with their people and hear about what made the place tick from the inside. So, without further adieu, I give you my illuminating Q&A session with the passionate team behind this esteemed dispensary.

Cannabis Safety in Dispensaries:

Q: What kind of environment can patients and cannabis enthusiasts expect when they step into Chesacanna? How does Chesacanna prioritize safety and compliance measures within its dispensary to ensure a secure and comfortable environment for customers?

A. Upon entering Chesacanna the environment is inviting, warm, and relaxing. We created a space to not only help change the stigma of cannabis but to allow our customers to feel at home. While our security team is not visually present, they monitor the store from behind the

scenes assuring everyone’s safety. As with all of Maryland’s dispensaries we meet all safety and security compliance regulations, and our store has 24/7 video surveillance.

Location Choice and Community Connection:

Q: What motivated Chesacanna to choose Cockeysville as its location, and how does

the dispensary aim to integrate with the local community?

A: The owners of Chesacanna have owned businesses within the Cockeysville/Hunt Valley area for over 20 years. Knowing the demographics and being established within the community were the key factors to placing Chesacanna in its current location. When the Maryland cannabis industry launched, we provided cannabis educational classes, met with local business networking groups, and provided free consultations to anyone interested in becoming a patient.


Mission and Values:

Q: What is Chesacanna's overarching mission, and how does the dispensary embody

its core values in daily operations?

A: Our stated mission is to provide solutions to ensure a higher quality of life where mind, body, and soul are healthy, energized, and balanced. Accordingly, our passion is to help people become healthier through our knowledge of medicine, medicinal alternatives, supplements, exercise, and lifestyle change.

Our Medical Director and Wellness Director are practicing physicians with a combined 50+ years of experience. Experts in their fields, they bring a wealth of knowledge to our practice and help to establish protocols best suited for our patients. Our Dispensary Director is a long-term medical professional with 28 years of experience working with patients of all populations and conditions.

Finally, our two Health and Fitness Directors have a combined 30 years of experience coaching clients on fitness, nutrition, and supplementation. So, as you can see, we take an expert-driven, more holistic approach than what you might find at other dispensaries.


Ownership's Perspective on Cannabis:

Q: What does cannabis mean to the ownership of Chesacanna, and how does this perspective influence the dispensary's ethos and approach?

A: Health and wellness has been the industry that the owners have been involved with throughout their careers. Cannabis is an important tool to help others get access to a more natural form of medicine with less side effects. It was the driving factor to be involved in the cannabis industry and to help our existing clients gain knowledge and access to this beneficial product.


Community Impact:

Q: How has cannabis benefited the local community, and what initiatives has Chesacanna undertaken to contribute positively to its surroundings?

A: Chesacanna strives to be a huge participant in our surrounding community. We've led a Maryland recycling program, created a community clean up program, and host regular educational classes at the dispensary. We're always looking to do our part to better our community.


Favorite Brands and Partnerships:

Q: What are some of Chesacanna's favorite cannabis brands to collaborate with, and what qualities do these partnerships bring to the dispensary?

A: Because we are a local-owned and operated business we try to support similar businesses within the industry such as SunMed, Evermore, Culta, Curio, and Holistic. All these businesses have high quality products, and our patients have very much enjoyed them as well.


Future Plans for Positive Impact:

Q: How does Chesacanna envision creating positive effects in this area in the future, and what initiatives or projects are on the horizon?

A: We look forward to continuing our effort to inform and educate everyone on the benefits of cannabis and the many ways it can positively impact your life. We also look forward being an ever-present, positive influence in the Cockeyville community that we serve. We're always interested in new ways that we can get involved and make an impact!


Throughout my discussion with the Chesacanna staff it was abundantly apparent that their commitment to cannabis education, community engagement, and social responsibility was the glowing heart of their mission. As they continue to pave the way for a brighter, more inclusive future in the cannabis industry, Chesacanna stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration for communities in Maryland and beyond.

Whether you're in the neighborhood, passing through, or want to take a day trip, do yourself a favor and visit Chesacanna. When you do don't forget to mention that you heard about them on Toker's Guide!

*Medical cannabis is for certified/qualifying patients only. Must be at least 21+ years old to view content.


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