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Gelatti - Exotic Organics

Check out this balanced (50/50) cross of Gelato and OG Biscotti known as Gelatti from DC i-71 delivery gurus Exotic Organics. For all you Gelato flavor fanatics out there this is right up your alley with an aroma and flavor that's gassy, bready, and with a smooth skunky finish. Roll it up and watch your Tuesday blues float away. Pair it with some actual gelato (you know, it's kind of like ice cream) and it might just become your favorite new way to chill out and beat the heat.


With starry trichomes still intact and little to no compression this batch is still on the fresh side. Of course, this means it's also got the sticky icky texture that calls for the use of a sharp grinder. We do enjoy rolling this up in a GUD paper given just how funky the toke can be. At the end of one rolled super fat or "cannon" style it takes on a new flavor reminiscent of the best cannabis cigars I've had - and I just had to blow some smoke rings to celebrate! 😤


In terms of effects, the even nature of the buzz can be appreciated at nearly any time. It's got mellow undertones and grants the ability to relax, but if you need to keep up with a busy schedule (like me) I found it didn't discombobulate me too much and I kept on track. Regardless of what you may or may not decide to do, the delightful and long lasting body buzz will be there to provide relief. Thus, is the beauty of a balanced 50/50.


To get some Gelatti for your own stash before it's gone just hit up Exotic Organics ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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