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Live Resin Badder, Crumble, and Sugar - The Gift Givers DC

Strains: Dosi Woah! (Badder), LA Kush (Crumble), Saucy Dawg (Sugar)

​Service: The Gift Givers

​Service Type: DC Recreational Delivery

Overall Rating: 9/10

​Lean: Hybrid

Initial Thoughts:

Tis' the season when fancifully delicious things find their way into my midst a bit more than usual. Case in point: these three absolutely phenomenal live resin samples from DC recreational delivery pro's The Gift Givers. Each one is a different strain and format, but they've all got a wholelotta funky good feels going on. Which one's my favorite? Well you'll just have to read on to find out...

But, first I think it's prudent for me to make sure everyone has a solid understanding of the formats we have here. What are badder, crumble, and sugar anyways? Where does live resin come from? I think the most encapsulated way I can explain it is that live resin is a full-spectrum extract made from freshly harvested cannabis flower that's been flash frozen, put through low temperature extraction, and then pressed. This process retains the most of a plants compounds including terpenes and flavonoids that would otherwise be lost in drying.

To end up with the different styles like badder and crumble versus sugar, extractors vary time, temperature, and solvent types. Sugar, for example, is processed more quickly and at higher temperatures than crumble, while Badder is "whipped" to become smooth and take on a creamy texture. Crumble is subjected to lower temps for longer which has the effect of drying the material such that it turns out more gritty. Everybody got it?

Dosi Woah! Badder

Dosi Woah! Live Resin Badder -

A balanced hybrid that runs 50/50 on the indica/sativa ratio, Dosi Woah! is a rare cross of Do-Si-Dos and RBX4. Incredibly high in terpenes and flavonoids this flower makes for some fantastic extractions and this specimen is an exquisite example. Dabs of this result in a storming of your body with the forceful implementation of tremendous euphoria levels. Get ready for a massive body high and expect to be partially immobilized and disoriented. In aroma and flavor it's hard to place the spicy, floral, tanginess, but it is strikingly delicious and potent. Perhaps that's what led them to put the "woah!" in the name?

LA Kush Crumble

LA Kush Live Resin Crumble -

This nearly pure indica is thought to be an OG Kush phenotype originally bred in the Los Angeles, California area. Known for its mellow body buzz it has the power to flat out stone you into next week. In concentrate form, specifically this crumble, these powers are amped up and the fact that it's so easy to work with and tastes so exotically awesome you'll want to hit it again and again. This can lead to sort of a Groundhog Day effect where you wake up from short weed naps several times within the same day, but I digress. In aroma and flavor this one is pure piney like you'd expect an outstanding OG Kush to be.

Saucy Dawg Sugar

Saucy Dawg Live Resin Sugar -

The most pungent of the three samples, this Saucy Dawg has some mystery surrounding the background of the input flower. However, we speculate that it's a cross of The Sauce and Dawg strains, which both happen to run sativa-dominant - and that's certainly how we found this sugar to lean. This one packs a tremendous head rush and turbo charged buzz where it felt to me like every time I smiled or laughed I got more energy. The aroma and flavor is like you just crashed a tanker truck of pine sol into a florist shop. BE CAREFUL with this one - definitely not for the newbs!

Out of the three I have to say my favorite is the Saucy Dawg. It was a very close contest and each of the three brought "the heat" with their respective traits - each would be a prize on its own. However, at the end of the day, I just couldn't get enough of the joyous rush afforded by the "Saucy Sugar" and its mega piney flavor.

To get your hands on these fine concentrates and all their other great gifts just hit up The Gift Givers today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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