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Berry Blue - Buddha Buddy DC

Indica lovers need to check out this really sexy batch of Berry Blue from DC recreational delivery service Buddha Buddy. Also known as Blueberry, she's a legendary indica known for her sweet, fruity flavor and highly sedative effects. This one's aroma, in particular, is incredibly similar to actual blueberries and had me loading my flower vape to see if I could get the same from it's flavor profile - which worked out quite swimmingly.


That said, I preferred grinding and rolling joints of these buds versus the bong or vape. At the end of the day, the flavor was stunningly delicious and the buzz was absolutely flooring. Making it to my bed was reminiscent of DiCaprio in Wolf of Wall Street when the decade old quaaludes kicked in and he tried to slither across the ground to his Lamborghini. Ok, so it only FELT like that, I wasn't actually losing control of my limbs - and I DEF wasn't going to try to drive anywhere!


Rumored to be a cross of Purple Thai and Afghan that runs indica-heavy at something like 80/20, these buds are trichome covered, soft, spongy, and perhaps even lighter in weight than you may think. They seem to want to float right out of the thin cylindrical jar they come in and show off their pale aquamarine greens and purple flecks for you like, "Hey, smoke me!" That's the exact moment when I grab them, throw them in my grinder, and start prepping for the next joint.


So go ahead and hit up Buddha Buddy DC to get your own slice of this fruit forward, amazingly delicious Berry Blue for the indica side of your stash box. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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