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Frost Bites Mini Infused Pre-rolls by Snow Caps - Maven Wellness DC

Strain: Pink Kill Moe

Service Type: DC Dispensary

Overall Rating: 8.9/10

Lean: Balanced 50/50

Initial Thoughts

Like a nicely wrapped present with a bow on top, these Frost Bites mini infused pre-rolls from Snow Caps feature the Pink Kill Moe strain and come neatly packaged in a portable jar. Currently available at DC marijuana dispensary, Maven Wellness, each one has been sprinkled with THCA diamonds and is ready to help you take a mental vacation from your day with the quickness. 🧠🏖



These mini pre-rolls have been thoroughly rolled with THCA diamonds and there are frosted trichomes galore covering the fresh flower beneath the paper wrapping. 


A welcoming blend of sweet and savory gelato mixed with pine and cedar earthy notes. 


Taking a puff provides a skunky pine favor that has a uniquely sweet, fruity aftertaste.



The Pink Kill Moe strain has unknown genetics.


Lighting up one of these snow cap pre-rolls quickly took me to another level of floaty elation. I felt the buzz from the flower warmly settle in, then the second wind of the THCA diamond infusion took the reigns. Euphoric, relaxed, stoned to the bone, and all the good in between, I felt like I had gone to the moon to bounce around enjoying the feeling of near weightlessness.



These Pink Kill Moe Snow Caps are the perfect spice for seasoned tokers. It's like hitting a bowl of flower with keef on top for the first time all over again, but this time it’s a preroll. While they are neatly compacted into 0.5 gram rolls, they are an ideal size for a break from the days action and pack a surprising punch. Take advantage of this sweet deal by visiting Maven Wellness today and don’t forget to mention that Toker's Guide sent you! 

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