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Berry Haze - Farm to Couch

If you haven't had the chance to check out the local grown, small batch, indoor harvests that DC i-71 service Farm to Couch has been putting out lately, I highly recommend that you do...


This Berry Haze, in particular, has been keeping me super motivated and flowing with creative energy for the past few days. It's organic, naturally grown without pesticides or chemicals and, when you crumble its fresh goodness between your fingers you'll know, it's some excellent flower for sure.


Actually known in most cases as Strawberry Haze, this very sativa dominant cross breed of one of my favorite hazes, Super Silver Haze, and sativa powerhouse, Strawberry Cough, runs something like 80% sativa. As with most hazes, it comes with a high that is oh so focused and heady in nature, making you get that welcomed headband feeling right after exhale. But, don't confuse this with the Blueberry x Super Silver Haze variety. That one runs more indica and won't have quite the sativa head rush or spawn the same creativity.


The aroma is a juicy mountainous berry of some sort paired with hints of pine and perhaps some citrus. The flavor is effervescent and the berry notes shine along with more subtle notes of anise and fennel. This is absolutely one of the most delectable haze-oriented varietals I've had in recent memory.


Note the length of the hairs, the starriness of the trichomes, and the spongy structure in the image above. Theses are the hallmarks of a local, connoisseur level grow given that the buds would not have been able to make it in this shape if more packing and logistics were involved.


Overall, I'm super happy to see amazing, quality local harvests like this appearing where the utmost attention to detail has been paid and TLC comes first. To get some of this gorgeous Berry Haze for yourself hit up Farm to Couch and schedule your delivery ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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