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Black Runtz - The Gift Givers

Well would you just look at this freaking gorgeous batch of Black Runtz now available from DC recreational (i-71) weed delivery service, The Gift Givers (who have been bringing the 🔥 lately btw)! It's hands down the best batch of Runtz I've ever seen. Calling all connoisseurs!


Imagine if you put some quarters into a candy vending machine expecting Runtz candy to fall out and out popped this cannabis specimen. That's pretty much the elation I felt when I pulled this out of the pack. A hyrbid cross of Zkillez and Gelato that's quite balanced with a giant, euphoric body buzz, Runtz has other phenotypes that go by various colors of their predominant coloration. In this case, the darkest colored offspring were interbred to achieve near black purple hues and the nuances in aroma and flavor that come along with them.


The tanginess of the Runtz flavor profile was definitely expressed here. The aroma is rich and chocolatey with accents of cream, mint, and a touch of fruit punch. If you experiment by moving the jar toward and away from your nose the profile changes is sweetness and fruitiness. In the bong - the only way I've hit this so far - the flavor is extremely robust and rich with the same sweet chocolate as the aroma, but this time surprising with some tartness as well.


To experience this phenomenal bouquet and rich flavor along with one of the clearest most balanced high's around, check out this Black Runtz being gifted by The Gift Givers ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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