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Bubblegum Runtz - Treehouse DC

Strain: Bubblegum Runtz

Service: Treehouse DC

Service Type: DC i-71 Dispensary

Overall Rating: 9.2/10

Lean: Indica Dominant

Initial Thoughts

From its candy-coated looks to the nuances of its flavor, Bubblegum Runtz promises a sugar rush for the senses. Like a nostalgic trip to the candy store you can head to DC i-71 marijuana dispensary, Treehouse DC, right now to check it out for yourself. When you do my guess is that it will send you off on your way grinning from ear to ear with excitement. 😁



Dark purple buds covered in a layer of heavy trichomes with a shimmering candy look to them.


Fresh, but starting to cure.


A sweet, sugary candy-like scent.



A flavor similar to Tutti Frutti candy. 


The Bubblegum Runtz strain is a cross between Runtz and Bubblegum that leans indica dominant.


Bubblegum Runtz was marked by a rapid onset of relaxation. My legs bore the weight of the relaxation journey, becoming noticeably heavy. A sensation of weightiness set in, hinting at the impending couch lock that was on the horizon. That couch lock, inevitable and comforting, embraced me as the relaxation deepened. Invited by a peaceful descent into sleep, my bed became the final destination of this strain's journey.



Bubblegum Runtz laughs in the face of the ordinary and is a playful reminder that adulthood can be as sweet as childhood dreams. It’s the ideal choice for those seeking a remedy for insomnia or simply a restful night's sleep. Don’t pass up on your chance to try some Bubblegum Runtz, since it's a strain we don’t see too often, and don't forget to let Treehouse DC know that Toker’s Guide sent you their way!

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