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Candy Truffle - Flight Pass

Currently available from DC recreational storefront, Flight Pass, this Candy Truffle is an exquisite smoke that easily rolls into some of the most delectable creations around. A 70/30 indica-heavy cross of Chocolate Kush and Gelato, it's not hard to see why it is so delightful from a flavor perspective. They don't use truffle pigs to hunt cannabis, but if they did, there would be one super satisfied truffle pig lounging about after uncovering this treat. 🐷


Of course, let's be sure not to give all the credit to the lineage here, as the quality of the grow cannot be discounted - these little nuggets of delight are heavily loaded with gorgeous hyper-white trichomes. We can also be confident of the freshness given the appearance, texture, and more than abundant aroma.

The buzz it carries with it is also mesmerizing and almost trance inducing. The potency is for real and those hitting this in the bong may want to take a half pull at first. While the exhale is smooth on the joint, in the tube you will likely have trouble clearing it without holding back a few coughs and a snort. If it does "get you" as it got me, just keep some ice cold water on hand to help out and get ready to accept the fact that you may be wearing a perma-grin for a while.


With its creamy, gassy, and sour flavor surrounded by the occasional skunky hue you can count on any stoner in your midst taking notice and inquiring. You may even find yourself, already stoned, wanting to hit it again and again just to experience the flavor and see if you can take the euphoric tingles of the buzz to the next level.

To satisfy your inner truffle pig just head to DC recreational storefront, Flight Pass ASAP and pick up some of this terrific Candy Truffle. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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