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Cherry Lemonade - The Green Room

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Strain: Cherry Lemonade

​Service: The Green Room

​Service Type: DC Recreational Storefront

Overall Rating: 8/10

​Lean: 50/50 Balanced Hybrid

Initial Thoughts:

Through the pack you can tell that these buds are heavily covered in trichomes. What you can't yet tell is that the aroma they carry is an awesome fruity and piney combination that will make your mouth water when it first hits your nostrils.



Bright green buds with tons of white trichomes throughout and starry, gritty trich's on the interior.


Buds are fluffy, soft, supple, and easy to work with aside from the kief going everywhere.


Now beginning to cure but packaged and stored properly. There may be a fresh batch on the way, however.



Fruity and piney with a skunky essence.


Sour and tart fruit with pine notes. Aftertaste is excellent and makes you want to hit it again and again.


A cross of Jack the Ripper and Cherry Pie OG that typically runs slightly indica at 60/40, this batch seems more balanced with some proclaiming there were obvious energetic effects.



Nothing short of awesome, this is a great all around buzz with both body and mind satisfied and not a wink of drowsiness. The creative and energetic headspace is great for daytime use and it smokes smooth with a quick, cerebral rush at onset. The long lasting high kept my digestive issues at bay for hours and I had no noticeable pain from old soccer injuries either.


The Toker's Guide team is pretty psyched on this batch of Cherry Lemonade. With all the Lemon Cherry Gelato heads out there looking for the best version, this has much the same profile and a similar flavor. Plus, it's of impeccable quality that will leave you gloriously stoned for hours on end. So head to DC recreational (i-71) storefront, The Green Room, and pick up a pack for yourself today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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