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Donkey Kong - HYFE

Strain: Donkey Kong

​Service: HYFE

​Service Type: DC i-71 Delivery

Overall Rating: 9.2/10

​Lean: Indica

Initial Thoughts

This Donkey Kong from DC cannabis delivery service, HYFE, won't hit you over the head with a barrel like the old school video game character of the same name. However, its indica dominant potency is ready to pack all the angst from the week up in a barrel and smash it while sending you into a comfortably horizontal position for the night.



Beautiful fluffy buds with lots of purple coloration and sparse aquamarine patches. Most of the trichomes are super frosty while the rest are hyper white.


Fresh and just beginning to cure.


Sweet and earthy with hints of berries and wild flowers. The fruitiness gets much more intense when you squeeze it or break it up.



The inhale is fruity and earthy, but the exhale is exotic and kush-like with spices amidst sour fruit and cheese. Very delicious!


The Donkey Kong strain is a cross of Death Star and Banana OG that runs heavily indica dominant at 90/10.


Sedated and fuzzy headed is how I felt several minutes after taking a few hits of this Donkey Kong. Like every great indica, it had a hugely euphoric body high and about an hour in, once I got my footing again, I had to head straight for the snack cabinet. Great for slaying any pain or anxiety for me, this one also laid me down to rest in what felt like large comfy pillows that weren't actually there. For whatever it's worth, I also had a strange craving for bananas when I awoke in the morning.



If you're looking for a great after work indica option or something to send you off to dreamland with a luxurious high, look no further than this Donkey Kong. To grab some for yourself just hit up the always friendly and punctual HYFE today. Don't forget to let them know you heard about it on Toker's Guide!

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