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Emiratez Gelato - No Kids Allowed

Strain: Emiratez Gelato

​Service: No Kids Allowed

Market: DC i-71 Storefront

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

​Lean: Balanced Hybrid

Initial Thoughts

Whenever I see the word Gelato in a strain name I feel drawn to it, and have always had good experiences with it in the past. Off the bat, all of the components of this cross seemed to be true to the name. I was expecting to feel both uplifted and a glowing body buzz - I was not disappointed. It's also quite the eye candy to show off to friends - some great bag appeal indeed!



Frost layered buds with distinct dark purples and greens popping through.


Still curing. Slightly dust-like when ground with fingers.


When I cracked the jar I immediately received a loud gelato smell carrying a chem and fruit aroma.



Gelato is typically known for its classic sweet, herbal, mint, and fruity sherbet flavor combination. I was pleasantly led on by the smell, and was ready to spark it. The flavor overpowered the backwood in a delicious way. I could clearly taste gelato on the inhale, and I didn't want to stop hitting this one. A healthy vanilla, gassy, sherbet taste was left to enjoy after exhaling.


It's speculated that this strain is Jet Fuel x Gelato, but the true genetics are unknown.


Going into this session I had a pretty ferocious migraine that was reverberating in my head and body. I was looking forward to setting out on a healing journey with my water and cannabis medicine in hand. I sometimes feel worse after smoking with a migraine, but oftentimes the right strain can do wonders for the pain and help me rest it off. At the start, the high felt really floaty and I felt present in this euphoric feeling. Quickly I noticed that this strain helped tremendously with my migraine and gave me a warm, healing bodysuit to wear.



Overall, I was very happy with my personal experience trying this Gelato crossbreed. I got relief from the physical pain I was experiencing, there was a sense of being held in a warm fuzzy blanket, and I still had the mental capacity to think clearly the whole time. To check out this luxurious Emiratez Gelato for yourself just visit the always lovely No Kids Allowed today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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