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Forbidden Runtz - Mr. Nice Guys

Strain: Forbidden Runtz

Service: Mr. Nice Guys

Service Type: DC i-71 Storefront

Overall Rating: 8.6/10

Lean: Indica Dominant

Initial Thoughts

Check out this Forbidden Runtz from DC i-71 cannabis dispensary, Mr. Nice Guys. Its scent sent me straight back to my college days when I used to work part time at a smoke shop to make some extra cash. Shisha was one of the most popular sellers, and countless times I remember returning home only to smell residuals on my clothes. For some reason, this strain made me recall that aroma and I totally dig it!



The Forbidden Runtz buds are frosty little nuggets that are primarily purple but mixed with some light green.




Like berry shisha with notes of sweet fruit, berry candy, and hints of skunk and fuel.



A blend of sweet fruit and berry candies.


The Forbidden Runtz strain is a cross of Runtz and Forbidden Zkittlez that leans indica-dominant at 65/35.


The effects of Forbidden Runtz are mellow, but overly so making this one a very versatile option. It's the perfect strain for a laidback day at home and it crept up on me gently, gradually taking over my body and mind with a soothing sense of relaxation. This strain kept me busy with low-key activities like surfing the web, enjoying YouTube videos, and working on some household chores. It's the kind of strain that keeps you happily engaged with whatever you are doing.



It’s always hard to pass up a good Runtz cross, and this Forbidden Runtz is no exception. While it's slightly more indica dominant than the mother, it offers a very similar and familiar experience. If you're looking for mellow and calming effects without the drowsiness then Forbidden Runtz is the way to go. To pick up some for yourself just head to Mr. Nice Guys ASAP and don't forget to mention that you heard about it on Toker’s Guide!

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