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Gold Leaf Dispensary Review - Annapolis, MD

If you are interested in top tier cannabis products, top tier customer service, top tier glassware and some of the best deals on cannabis products in the entire state of Maryland then Gold Leaf Annapolis, 2029 West Street Annapolis, MD 21401, is the spot for you!


Located in gorgeous Annapolis, Gold Leaf offers a relatively easy commute from the eastern shore, Baltimore area, and areas closer to DC and indeed they see customers travel from all over the state for their deals and customer service. It’s no surprise that Gold Leaf is one of the single most trafficked and highest grossing independent dispensaries in the whole state but what is it that they are doing so right?

The short answer is, pretty much everything. From their staff to their products, to their glass to their delivery service, everything is meticulously maintained to create a top tier experience for the patient that stands out from dozens of other dispensaries operating around Maryland.

Let’s start with the staff.

Gold Leaf is a bee hive of activity. On any given day you will see a packed waiting room with chic and stylishly attired employees bustling around, welcoming patients to the shop, helping them through their selection of glass/cbd products, or ushering them to the back room to make their thc cannabis purchase.


Everyone moves with a sense of purpose and efficiency but not a single person seems too busy for you personally, not a single person seems upset or flustered, and not a single patient is rushed through their experience. From the amazing receptionists who get to know each patient and go out of their way to make you feel welcome, to their budtending staff who work with patients one on one to help them through the ever increasing menu of Maryland products, their staff truly make this dispensary a luxurious home away from home for Maryland cannabis patients seeking relief.

The quality of the staff is one of my biggest factors in judging a dispensary experience; what kind of energy they give off, their overall mood, their level of engagement in educating and guiding patients, how well they are trained on cannabis science etc, all give me a good indicator of what kind of business is being run. Unfortunately, there are several places that are less than ideal to work at which typically translates directly into the patient’s experience.


Gold Leaf makes sure that their staff is well taken care of which instead translates into the incredible customer service experience you get each and every time you go. Not only are they the best paying dispensary in Maryland for their entry level employees, but after doing a little research, they may be the highest paying dispensary on the entire east coast, maybe most of the country! This attracts the best and brightest industry talent which the patient gets to benefit from during each and every visit.

Their investment into their staff has really paid off tremendously but that is not all they have invested in. Their building itself is an absolutely gorgeous build, employing white marble and glass display cabinets to great effect. Walking in immediately sets the tone for a luxury shopping experience that their staff turns into a personalized, high end experience that leaves patients consistently satisfied week after week.

They offer a variety of pricing tiers with multiple strains of flower ranging from as low as $35/8th all the way to their top shelf which they cap at $55/8th (except certain exclusive brands that require certain contractual price points *cough* verano *cough* cookies*), not to mention their regular deals and exclusive product drops. Every day brings a new amazing sale; whether it's their $25 8th day, a $25 dollar cartridge day, or a BOGO 50% everything in the shop, Gold Leaf is here to provide a luxurious top shelf experience at some of the most affordable prices in the industry and for that, every patient is super grateful!

But maybe you’re home bound or just too busy to make it in and see their amazing staff and products face to face. Well, no worries, Gold Leaf is there to come to you with a Tesla powered delivery service! Recently Gold Leaf started up their delivery service to great applaum, not just bringing the best deals and service directly to your doorstep, but doing so sustainably with their electric Tesla delivery vehicle. This is just icing on the cake of top tier cannabis customer experiences.

Already providing one of the best cannabis retail experiences on the east coast, they decided to take it upon themselves to extend that top tier service to the patient’s home using sustainable technology that helps the community and their budget. Gold Leaf has truly gone above and beyond their competition and set a standard for cannabis dispensary business models. Dispensaries that are struggling to keep their vaults full and patient’s in the shop would be wise to follow their model but, regardless, Gold Leaf is there for us as a community for the long term.

The fact that Gold Leaf consistently caters to hundreds of people on a daily basis means they are a successful business but having gotten to know them, I can confidently say that they are doing much more than creating a successful business, they are elevating the standards of the industry and setting themselves up to be community leaders of the future. I encourage anyone interested in a top tier cannabis dispensary experience to make the trip to Annapolis to meet their amazing staff and sample their abundant wares.


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