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Grape Bubblegum - Buddha Buddy DC

Strain: Grape Bubblegum

Service Type: DC i-71 Delivery Service

Overall Rating: 8.9/10

Lean: Indica Dominant

Initial Thoughts

Grape and bubblegum, in my opinion, are two of the hardest flavors to hit spot on, so the thought of getting to try both at the same time has me excited. Grape Bubblegum, currently available through DC i-71 marijuana delivery service, Buddha Buddy DC, is going to keep on blowing up until it pops, so be sure to grab some while you still can. 🍇🌬️



This Grape Bubblegum wants to be purple so bad it has a few purple spots poking out but is mainly green in color. It’s covered in trichomes, but there are minimal pistils.


Fresh, but starting to cure.



A super loud grape smell that’s instantly recognizable.


A grape forward taste on the inhale with a sweeter bubblegum taste on the exhale.



The Grape Bubblegum strain is a cross between GMO and Purple Punch resulting in an indica dominant strain.


Upon consumption, Grape Bubblegum wasted no time in manifesting heavy-lidded eyes and a dry mouth, signaling the onset of its relaxing effects. Mentally, it left me in a spacey mindset, requiring careful consideration before speaking. As for the body high, my lower half started to feel a heavy warmth, starting in my knees and working its way down to my toes. 



I envisioned Big League Chew while rolling this up. The grape smell is very similar and sent me back to a time when baseball was everything in my childhood. Grape Bubblegum was my go to back then, and it's back as my go to now that I’m an adult. Place an order from Buddha Buddy today to get some of these Grape Bubblegum buds delivered directly to you. Don’t forget to mention that you heard about it on Toker’s Guide!

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