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Grape Grenade - District Derp

One company that is paying extra close attention to quality while maintaining a super high level of customer service is DC i-71 pick-up and delivery service District Derp. They've been making our job especially easy because they've consistently had such high quality flower - and this Grape Grenade is no exception - but we've also received very fond feedback from our audience members recently as well.


While its lineage is somewhat of a mystery, I did some digging and found that this is the indica-heavy love child of G-13 and Grapevine. What a delicious combo! If you're not familiar with the staggeringly potent effects of government research's own indica #1, G-13, then this is a chance to come close.


Appropriately named, the grape aroma and flavor are on point and reminiscent of those little Welch's juice boxes kids love. You know, the healthier ones made with real grape juice that don't turn your whole mouth purple from food coloring. Anyhow, it's more of a sugary grape aroma, as opposed to synthetic, when it comes to this Grape Grenade.


In terms of effects, I always like a kushy indica for relaxing in the evening hours and this fits that category perfectly. Think G13-like euphoria with Do-Si-Dos-esque sedation wrapped in a blanket of exotic grape.


To get some for your weekend stash just hit up District Derp and place your pup-painted art order ASAP. I hear they are dropping more of the strain with this review so it should be readily available!

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