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Grow Your Own in Maryland with Evermore Cannabis Clones

Launching in July of this year, alongside the adult-use bill, was the first Maryland homegrow legislation, §5–601.2. It states:

A person 21 years or older may lawfully cultivate up to two plants in their home, out of public view. The plants must be out of the public view and secured so that they are not accessible by unauthorized individuals or individuals under the age of 21. Likewise, a household may cultivate a maximum of two plants, regardless of how many persons over age 21 live in the residence.


It also states cannabis plants may only be grown on property owned by the grower or with the consent of the property owner, and a few other things you’ll want to review in entirety if you actually consider growing at home. Read more here: Md. Code, Criminal Law § 5-601.2

So, why grow at home and what's the hoopla all about? Well, there are many benefits to growing your own cannabis. Saving money is one, although not upfront, and connecting with other growers and cannabis enthusiasts is another. Perhaps the most sought after reasons for homegrown projects, however, are to learn more about the plant itself, and how to grow it really well. With this in mind, when it comes time for you to sprout your own homegrower roots, you'll want to get off to the best start you can with - and I can't stress this enough - good genetics.

Yes, you wouldn’t build a house on a poor foundation, so don’t go investing in your at-home operation only to pop a seed you were saving from the bottom of an eighth circa 2016. It’s probably not going to grow you a sturdy plant. My dad, a smart man and grower of all things, always says “Chance favors the prepared mind.” He buys his starter vegetables every spring from a Burpee’s catalog and he swears their quality is second to none. Every year his garden runs rampant. Start smart…that’s what I’ve learned…and that’s why I only grow with proven genetics from quality, trusted sources.

In Maryland, we're lucky enough to have Evermore Cannabis Company working their breeding and cultivation magic to give all Marylanders and passers through access to their craft flower creations. With their long-standing history of breeding new and unique genetics they've been satisfying the market's desire for strains with more potency and exotic flavor profiles since inception. But, now I'm especially stoked because homegrowers in Maryland like myself can access Evermore's phenomenal genetics through their clone and seed programs.


That's right Evermore has taken the lead in the mission to support Maryland’s new homegrow legislation. Marylanders over 21 can now purchase clean, quality Evermore genetics from The Living Room dispensary in Pikesville and 10 other retailers statewide who have clones currently available for their customers. There are another 25 plus stores who are selling Evermore seeds now as well. To me, this access to Evermore genetics, especially in the form of healthy clones, is a real game changer.

Note that each Evermore clone comes well-rooted in a small pot of peat & perlite with a sachet of beneficial insects that will keep your cutting happy until you have a chance to implement your own routine. They're also offering workshops with their team to provide first hand guidance and their warmth toward novices has helped better ensure success. In fact, the first drop of clones was very beginner-friendly and, according to Head Grower of Propagation, Tom Klassen, “Strains like Santa Cruz Blue Dream, Purple Punch, Cush, and Ken’s GDP are all hearty and adaptive to the novice grower."

Of course there are options for the more experienced crowd too and Tom offers that the "second drop contains new flavors like Golden Tiger, CakeBomb, Basic Skush, and Citrus Kleaner. These strains are currently only available at their flagship store in Pikesville, and not as forgiving.”


To date, Evermore has released three rounds of seeds with each drop exploring another flavor profile of their catalog. Cheekily the seeds and clones have been branded "Generations" and we're super pumped about the future "Gens" that they'll release. They're even building in collaborations and the most recent drop featured Chem Sis X Basic Skunk which is originally from Dominion Seed Co.

For more info on Evermore clones and seeds head to The Living Room in Pikesville to engage with their knowledgeable staff and be sure to follow along here on Toker's Guide as we cover their future drops. Happy Growing!

*Must be 21+ or a certified patient to view this content.

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I purchased and I am currently growing Citrus Kleaner and Golden Dragon yes a bit more difficult than my first two that were Blue Dream and Cush. The clone plants do well with a little knowledge and TLC

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