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High Pitch - House of Herbs

One of the most delicious strains of the year (imo), this "High Pitch" from DC i-71 storefront House of Herbs is definitely one that you should have in your NYE stash. Its genetics are unknown, but I can surmise that some of the usual suspects are involved - most likely Gelato and Runtz. I'd also say it runs pretty close to 50/50 on the indica/sativa ratio, which makes it a great all around toke whether day or night.


Its flavor is absolutely the most astounding part. So creamy and smooth, yet so skunky and hard-hitting at the same time. It literally brought a tear to my eye when I exhaled it (and got done coughing) for the first time. You'll probably want to just keep hitting it and hitting it like I did - better get a big bag!


The freshness is notable and quite discernible from the starry glimmer on all of the crystalline structured trichomes inside these buds. You can see the starrier ones from the outside, but the external facing rows are hyper-white, and clustered in a way that could only be described as "chunky".


Be aware the aroma is very, very loud - you'll never be able to cover it up - so save this one for cannabis-friendly company and away from the more skeptical members of your family. Otherwise, expect comments like, "Good grief, what on earth could anyone enjoy about something THAT smelly?!?"

My Answer: "Everything, but it's only for the most refined palates." 🤓

To get your hands on some of this "High Pitch" just head over to storefront House of Herbs today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you for your free pre-roll!

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