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Ice Cream Breath - The Stoner's Table

Hello beautiful tokers! I'm coming to you all this fine day to put you on to one of my new flavor favorites, Ice Cream Breath from The Stoner's Table. Note, however, that this ice cream is not just any plain scoop of vanilla, it is the whole sundae - and you're gonna want to breathe it in for sure.

I have most definitely been blessed with various sweet, creamy, and skunky strains in my time, but this was a beautiful contradiction of aroma and flavor that kept my senses guessing. You wouldn’t think the flavors sweet and absolute gas would belong in the same sentence, but here we are.

This batch is also an outright kief MONSTER. I always like breaking up some fluffy stuff, but these tightly packed powerhouse nugs are just as delightful - and sticky fresh too! In fact, I must say that all of the designer flower that we got from Byrd over at The Stoner's Table was impressively trich'd out, very full in flavor, and super fresh. This goes a long way in a town where the freshest thing about many people's "designer" flower is the bag. It's extremely obvious that Byrd cares a tremendous amount about the quality of his weed, and we very much appreciate this. Thank you Byrd!

In terms of effects, this strain is probably close to a 60/40 indica heavy hybrid. One sweetly inhales and at the start of the ultra gassy exhale a woosh of full-body calm and peace of mind is inundating, but not overly sedative. It's more of what I call a "Satur-daze" strain. Perfect for kicking back and melting away the stress of the week, but not leaving you so comatose you wake up on Monday morning wondering if the whole weekend was a dream.

You heard it here first. If you consider yourself a connoisseur of cannabis do yourself a favor and scoop some of this sweet frosted treat from The Stoners Table ASAP...and tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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Spade Taylor
Spade Taylor
12 mei 2021

Been shopping with him for over six years you will never be let down when you see Mr 🐦 Bird he Alwaya Has High Quilty

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