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SAVE I-71 Businesses - Summer 2022 Edition

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

I'm sorry to have to write you all AGAIN about just how terrible many of the individuals on the DC City Council are when it comes to siding with the WILL OF THE PEOPLE OF DC. It is NOT the will of the people of DC for the I-71 businesses they visit and VOTED FOR to be harshly punished and shut-down. But that is EXACTLY what they are trying to do once again with their ABRA "Joint Cannabis Task Force".


On the contrary it IS THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE to have recreational cannabis available for consumption and to have businesses purveying it. To respond to the medical marijuana lobby first and foremost and to side with their opinions and interests is to SHUT OUT THE CITIZENS OF DC and move against them. How can you take businesses that have been helping people - customers, owners, workers, etc. - for years who have made a commitment to serving the good people of DC and fine them, shutter their businesses, and hand out charges? Haven't most of the City Council come out against unfair criminalization and incarceration of those associated with cannabis? Don't they also supposedly stand for the small, local businesses and the citizens who run them? How can you be FOR the little guy, PRO cannabis, PRO justice reform, and then attempt to stand behind this horrendous move against I-71 businesses? YOU SHOULD BE FIGHTING HARD FOR A PATHWAY OF INCLUSION!

They should be forced to acknowledge the damage they are doing in public and not able to move their misplaced effort forward in the sneaky end of summer way they are going about it. The JOINT CANNABIS TASK FORCE should be re-named the DISJOINTED CANNABIS PUNISHMENT FORCE except I'm not sure that something that represents such a FARCE should be considered a FORCE at all.

TO ALL fans of cannabis in the District: It is FAR past time to STAND UP and TAKE ACTION against the oppressive, corporatist clowns that claim to be representatives of the people of DC. It is also time to stand up against those elected representatives in MARYLAND who, for SOME REASON, believe it is their place to interfere with DC's right to govern aspects of it's own health and well-being. DC should be united in opposition to the interests of BIG CANNABIS and MARYLAND MEDICAL MARIJUANA. Let's call, write, DM, email, and show up to PEACEFULLY PROTEST THE LIVING CRAP OUT OF THIS completely irrational and uncharismatic move by the DC government. Let's take it to their houses with MEGAPHONES and let them hear it RELENTLESSLY.

TO ALL ELECTED OFFICIALS WHO STILL OPPOSE BROAD CANNABIS LEGALIZATION (and especially to those who open their doors and wallets to lobbyists who have zero interest in the WILL OF THE PEOPLE and their desire for open access to the HEALING PLANT that is cannabis): DO YOUR F**KING JOB! MAKE CANNABIS LEGAL AND ACCESSIBLE TO ALL OR GET OUT OF THE WAY OF THOSE WHO WILL!!!

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