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Indica Live Resin Infused Blueberry Gummies (50mg) - Mother Blossom

Strain: Various Indicas

​Service: Mother Blossom

Market: DC i-71 Storefront

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

​Lean: Indica

Initial Thoughts

If you're looking for gummies that can produce potent indica effects, but also taste phenomenal, check out these Live Resin Blueberry Gummies from DC i-71 storefront dispensary, Mother Blossom. They're super juicy with immense blueberry flavor, no sign of weed or chemicals, and they carry all the euphoric indica vibes you could ask for. 🫐🤤



Blue rectangular cubes with sour crystal sprinkles on the outside.


Fresh and squishy. They were sealed in a professional-grade pouch.



Sweet, fruity, and tart like blueberry candy should be.


Juicy and full of fruity, sour, sweet and tart blueberry flavor.



The ingredient list says "Broad Spectrum Delta-9-THC Distillate", but we've sought clarification and they've confirmed this is a typo and they are, in fact, made with a blend of live resin sourced from various indica flower.


Each gummy is 50mg so I ended up taking half and then the other half about an hour later. The effects came on slowly and I experienced a growing feeling of calm with tingles of euphoria. I quickly got the sense that I'd eaten a strong cannabis edible in every movement and activity - it was a pervasive buzz. Overall, I was very mellow and superbly comfortable in head and body. Make sure you don't over do it on these, though. In my mind's eye, that would equate to Violet eating the experimental blueberry gum in the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - she basically turned into a blueberry herself!



I thoroughly enjoyed these indica-oriented edibles even though I took them in the late morning. They presented me with a wonderful sense of warm and cozy euphoria to help alleviate all my stresses and kept me in a tranquil state most of the early afternoon too. To get your hands on a pack just head to the always luxurious and welcoming, Mother Blossom. Don't forget to tell them you heard about it on Toker's Guide!

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