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Infused Chocolate Bar (600mg) by DC MOTA - No Kids Allowed

Strain: THC Distillate

​Dispensary: No Kids Allowed

​Market: DC i-71 Storefront

Overall Rating: 8.7

​Lean: Neutral

Initial Thoughts

As a chocoholic I have an obvious weakness for the sweet and delicious substance already. In most instances I have trouble not finishing a chocolate bar when it comes into my presence. That's why these DC MOTA infused chocolate bars are so challenging for me. Not only are they mega delicious, just like some amazing Swiss or Belgian chocolate, but they are also astoundingly potent at 600mg THC in total. In fact, with this combination of mouthwatering flavor and high potency you might even call them spooky strong. 👻🎃



A large rectangular, brown, chocolate bar that has been marked off into 10 squares, each the same size.


Milky, chocolatey goodness. No detectable cannabis flavor and no burning sensation either.



This is made from medical grade THC distillate and, therefore, does not have a lineage or lean.


Each square of this chocolate bar has about 60mg of THC in it. If you don't have a high tolerance for edibles, this is probably not the bar for you unless you plan to take portions of the square. At one square, it's easy to be zoned out, spacey, and floating on cloud 9, but it can take upwards of an hour to kick-in. At two squares, get ready to be very, very stoned - "almost in Narnia," as some would put it.



The quality of these chocolate bars is undoubtable and apparent in both the flavor and effects. If you're used to consuming edibles and looking for a decadent dessert option this is definitely one to stock up on. You could even use it to infuse or drizzle other things - a chocolate fountain for your Halloween party for example. To pick up some for yourself just head to DC i-71 marijuana dispensary, No Kids Allowed, or wherever you typically find DC MOTA products in general.

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