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Jack Herer by Alt. Sol. - Takoma Wellness Center (DC Medical)

Available at DC's Takoma Wellness Center medical dispensary, this Jack Herer was grown by phenomenal local cultivators, Alternative Solutions. A legendary strain named after one amazing cannabis activist, "Jack" is worth pursuing for any haze or sativa lover - or any connoisseur, really. It's in my personal top five favorites so you KNOW I was stoked as soon as I saw it. 🤗

It's worth noting that the team over at Alternative Solutions is extremely dedicated not only to the quality of their craft, but also to having a positive local economic impact. Their team is local, they grow local, and they're not owned by a large, multi-state entity based somewhere far, far away. As a result they're able to maintain a higher standard operationally and in the products they provide, while staying engaged with the community they serve. This attention to finer detail and focus on end quality for the patient is highly evident in their Jack Herer (11th Generation) specimen, with an aroma, flavor, and potency worthy of "The Hemperor" himself.

A sativa dominant hybrid cross of Haze, Northern Lights #5, and Shiva Skunk originally bred by Sensi Seeds, it typically runs 55/45 in terms of sativa/indica ratio. This batch, in particular, feels like it has a bit more Haze influence, but maybe that's my own bias for that type of skew. The effects are bright and heady throughout, with a flare for creativity sparked by a stimulated mind and body. Need energy in your arms? You can practically feel the flow of energy as your mind propels your arm into motion. Accordingly, I often enjoy pairing my Jack with exercise.

The pine and citrus notes combine with an effervescent anise making a combination that strikes me as akin to drinking lemoncello in a pine forrest. This profile reins true in both the intense aroma and bold flavor. I much prefer pulling icy cold tubes in my bong versus rolling with any papers when it comes to this Jack, though. With its smoothness, rich flavor, and intense head rush it's just too hard to choose any other method.

To explore the effects and deliciousness of this outstanding "Atl. Sol." Jack Herer for yourself just grab your medical marijuana card (from any state) and head to Takoma Wellness Center dispensary in north DC today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!


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